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Integration at home is the system integrator for Gira.  Thanks to modern RF technology, Gira KNX systems can now be installed with a wireless network. The new way to furnish a safe, future-proof and energy-efficient Smart Home.

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What is KNX RF?

KNX is the worldwide standard for smart building technology. In this context, RF refers to radio frequency, i.e. connections via radio signal. Conventional KNX systems rely on special wired networks. With KNX RF no additional cabling is needed.

Little effort, great functionality.

Your house probably already has the most important requirement for Gira KNX RF: a standard 220 V installation for switches or socket outlets. Integratrion At Home takes care of the installation on site. The Gira System 3000 serves as the basis for this. Gira KNX RF attachments are simply installed on the flush-mounted sockets. The launch and configuration also work via radio transmission. Using a USB stick as a data interface, installers can set up and activate the system in your home.

Smart Homes connect lighting, blinds, heating and even household appliances so you can control everything with one device. This ensures a high degree of flexibility. Monitor your house with smart switches, voice commands or the digital interface of Gira Smart Home apps. So you know exactly what is happening in your home, whether you are lying on the sofa or shopping.

Smart technologies also take over tedious chores, leaving you with more free time. Home automation systems ensure that certain tasks are carried out exactly when you need them. Your mornings might look like this, for example. At a certain moment, your blinds will open automatically to let the sunlight gently wake you up. At the same time, the radio starts playing and the coffee machine starts brewing your coffee. And all that while you are still in bed. You don’t have to worry about anything, except maybe what you would like for breakfast.

Smart functions like these not only make everyday life easier but also reduce your energy consumption. Your Smart Home automatically switches off your lights, heating and appliances when you leave the house or if you forget to turn them off. To this end, special sensors monitor their environment and react immediately to changes in brightness, temperature, humidity, etc. This way, your Smart Home prevents unnecessary energy consumption, without you even having to lift a finger.

Smart Home

Gira creates living spaces in a world between on and off. Cold, warm, bright, dark, loud or quiet: configure it. From home, but also on location. Via voice command or smartphone app.


Protect what you love and keep dangers out. Smart Home security from Gira does that for you.


Between closed and open doors lies a whole world of experiences. Warm welcomes, joyful reunions, crying goodbyes or just the relief of finally being home after a long day. All in all, Gira Smart Home intercoms ensure that you are always prepared for what awaits you, even without opening the door.

Design switches

In a world between on and off, we offer a variety of materials, functions and award-winning designs. Smart technology turns switches into an intuitive experience.

Power sockets

In a world between on and off, Gira transforms ordinary buildings into modern living spaces. The classic wall socket turns into a smart power supply. It allows us to control light and dark, hot and cold, loud and quiet.

Light control

Discover the many possibilities of intelligent light control from Gira. From conventional switches to wireless networks.