System integrator of Future Automation

Automated customised solutions for smart homes and commercial spaces

Integration at home is the system integrator of Furture Automation.  Future Automation… Integration at home cannot find a better ‘integrerende’ Introducing partner. Integration at home stands for integrated solutions and technological solutions in your home. Future Automation helps us with this. Your smart TV that disappears into the ceiling or your speakers inconspicuously incorporated into the wall? That is all possible.

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Every space filled

Future Automation fills all empty spaces in your home functionally. The company develops all kinds of automated storage systems. Lift mechanisms and smart floor, ceiling, table and wall pockets for projectors, screens or other AV installations.


Future Automation works on a customised basis and is the market leader in the storage segment, with a team of in-house designers for creative or complex projects.

  • Elevations
  • Lift hinges
  • Lift Swivels
  • Under bed
  • Out of the floor
  • Specialised lifts
  • Compute Air Flow Control
  • Cabinets Air flow control
  • housings for Lutron
  • Housings for controls4
  • Enclosures for Loxone/KNX
  • Enclosures for Crestron
  • Housings for other Din modules
  • Enclosure accessories
  • Wiring, terminations, enclosures.
  • MDM
  • MDM splits
  • MPM
  • MPM splits
  • Projector Lifts
  • Projector mounts
  • Wall boxes
  • Speaker mounts
  • Other supports
  • Controllers
  • Canvas printing
  • Enclosures and wiring
  • Servo technology
  • Motorised Roman blinds
  • Motorised roller blinds
  • Motorised blackout blinds