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In the words of Rel Acoustics.

“We make subwoofers. That is what it is. Nothing else. Nothing that can distract us. We don’t delude ourselves that we can be good at anything. We’re not trying to conquer the world. We are just doing our best to conquer our part of it.”

Rel Acoustics strives for the perfect, most natural and pure sound. We use the best materials that only meet the highest standards. With obsessive passion and vigour, Rel Acoustics strives for your perfect sound experience.

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Reference Serie

The Reference series marks a new standard in cabinet design, combining physical beauty with functionally elegant components. The shape of these subwoofers is designed to handle the power needed to meet the demands of your music or movie. Reference Series is built to produce clear, focused bass that enters a room with enormous energy and clarity.

Serie S

Change the way you hear music and experience theatre. Series S represents the purest intersection of performance, power and grace for which REL is known. Series S-sub woofers will take advanced systems in medium to large rooms to the next level.

With sumptuous accents, the S Series embodies classic, understated design elements that REL is known for. Think, for example, of the polished stainless steel handles on the cabinet side walls and the custom-made carbon fibre components.  Series S-sub woofers have the unique ability to add elegance to any room.

Serie T/X

Enjoy your entertainment on a larger scale with the T/X collection. Experience a robust full-range sound while retaining top quality in the latest REL models. Don’t make any sacrifices, keep the vibes strong and the sonic balance optimal.

De nieuwe T/X-collectie van REL is opnieuw ontworpen voor het beste en levert geavanceerde specificaties voor elke omgeving. Live in the moment with faster and more responsive drivers than previous generations, for silky smooth sound.

Serie T/X

The redesigned Tzero MKIII is powerful, articulate and delivers surprisingly deep bass, filling smaller rooms with ease. With the MKIII subwoofer, we set out to design and build the best bass motor imaginable for its application.

Well above its weight class, the Tzero MKIII delivers 100 watts of high power from a NextGen Class D amplifier. It features the same high-quality input filters, crossovers and limiters as our larger models.

Serie HT

REL builds beautiful subwoofers. All design elements deliver superior function and timeless style. From the attractive (but easy to wipe clean) cabinet surfaces to carbon fibre driver components, Series HT is designed to be strong and affordable, sexy and understated.

Our 500 watt NextGen5 Class D amplifier is compact and ‘cool running’, freeing up cabinet volume to produce deep and powerful bass for large-scale theatre applications. 500 watts means the driver is never hungry for power, ensuring the long-lasting, reliable design REL is known for.