System integrator of the Smarthome

‘Smarthome, niets dan dure gadgets en overbodige snufjes‘? That time has passed. Domotica – een betere term – is tegenwoordig meer dan noodzakelijk voor een comfortabel, energie-efficiënt en veilig huis. And that is where   Integration At Home, System integrator of smarthome and lighting, everything from.

Unseen comfort

Unseen comfort, in every sense of the word. Our state-of-the-art smarthome devices are everywhere in your home, but you hardly notice them. They serve you and do not overwhelm you with complex systems.

One simple example. You probably have several remote controls in your house for all sorts of things. Do away with the inconvenience: Integration at home provides one touch screen. Dimming the lights and starting your favourite series with the same device? Child’s play!

Control your home

Van ‘dien uw woning’ naar ‘bedien uw woning’. One syllable makes a world of difference. Do you work in front of your house? Or does your house work for you? That choice is easily made, we think.

Our smart home systems make life a lot more comfortable. Play music in every room? Beautiful. Responsible energy consumption and monitoring? Even better. And have extensive storage space for all digital media? Ideal

Your home grows thanks to our home automation. And it grows with the technology of the future.

Reliable and carefree

System integrator of Smarthome and LightingIntegration At Home only works with brands and products that have proven their worth. We want you to enjoy reliable technology without worries.

KNX home control is the system behind well-functioning home automation. It ensures that the technological equipment in the house communicates through one channel. An example? Via KNX a thermostat informs a weather station that the sun blinds should not be lowered because the desired temperature has not yet been reached. And so heat pumps, boilers, alarm systems, weather stations, thermostats, air conditioning and ventilation units, sensors, etc. can find each other and ‘tell’ each other what to do. 

Do you want even more comfort? Then there is Control4 the ideal home automation-solution. It includes almost all electronic components and systems. There are plenty of examples. cThere are plenty of examples.…

  • effortlessly links heating and lighting requirements via scenarios;
  • completely disables an intruder when the alarm system detects movement;
  • The same touch screen lets you select a film on the home cinema, play a playlist on Spotify or Deezer and use the intercom.

The combination possibilities are almost endless. Your ease of use is almost carefree. 

Have you already found out how energy- and thus budget-saving these technologies are for your wallet? Do it quickly, because it only gets more interesting.

Our brands: KNX, Zennio, Gira, Control4, CJC systems, Lithoss, Meljac, Doorbird, Future Automation

System integrator of Lighting

Light brings life. Not only for you as a person, but also for your home. With smart lighting from Integration at home, your home is bathed in the atmosphere you want. Take your pick… Integrated light points inside that turn the living room into a cosy lounge? Or luminous elements that add a luxurious touch to your terrace or driveway?

Lighting that listens to you? Sounds strange, but it looks great. Create atmosphere, both inside and outside. And do so at your leisure, without moving. The ideal illumination of your home also relieves you of your tasks.

First study, then install

Lighting is the ultimate finishing touch to your home. A stylish touch that adds the last detail of beauty. That detail, of course, does not just happen. Integration at home first studies what is needed. The indoor and outdoor spaces you want to illuminate and the ways in which we can integrate visible lighting as invisibly as possible. System integrator of smarthomes and lighting Integration At Home By the way, we also take care of all the architectural interventions that are necessary for ideal lighting: from ceilings and floors to the necessary clinker work.

See our brands here: Deltalight, Roger Pradier en Tal

Smarthome – Brands


Products: Communication systems

KNX is the only globally recognised standard for home and building control. Our communication system connects and automates installations and devices in any room.


Product range: Climate, Lighting, Sunshade, Ventilation, Multimedia, Access Control, Home Protection and Video Intercom

With Zennio, we integrate technological solutions into homes and businesses.  The brand stands for intuitive and modern designs.  With Zennio you get top material.


Products: Design switches, Smart Homes, Lightning protection, Blinds and shutter control, Heating and temperature control, Security, Intercom, Smart Entertainment

Gira KNX systems can be installed with a wireless network thanks to modern RF technology.  Now you can control your lighting, blinds, heating and household appliances with one device.


Products: Communication systems

Control4… or call it control home. Control4 turns your house into a smart home, a house that controls itself. We let all the smart devices in the house communicate with each other, while you sit back, relaxed and safe, and easily control your home.

CJC systems

Products: Design switches

As a design enthusiast or architect, you do not take a purely functional object or space for granted. You want a concept that exceeds the sum of its parts, where each element contributes to a stronger whole.  That is why you choose CJC Systems


Products: Design switches

Lithoss is an internationally renowned design company that has been making designer switches for fifteen years. The products are praised all over the world for their unique design, functionality and robustness.


Products: Design switches

The metamorphosis from material to design switches requires time, attention and care. Meljac takes care of this and makes every effort to ensure that each style deserves its signature.


Products: Intercoms

DoorBird is a specialist in intercom systems. With a few taps on your smartphone or tablet, you can see who is pressing the bell, speak to the visitor or let someone in. Not only when you are at home, but also when you are on the road. DoorBird combines exclusive design and ease of use in the world of ‘door communication’.

Future Automation

Products: Automatically controlled storage furniture

Future Automation is an important international player in automatically controlled storage furniture. We are experts in mechanisms that inconspicuously hide or reveal your audio, video, lighting, etc. in all possible spaces. In your smart home, commercial buildings and in shipping.

Lighting – Brands


Products: Touch panels, Capactive touch switches, Acutators, Lighting, Climate, Inputs, Access control, Sensors, Interfaces.

Delta Light, strong in architectural lighting, has become a trendsetter in lighting concepts for residential, commercial and professional environments. Whether in shops, offices, public buildings, showrooms, the hospitality industry or green projects, Delta Light fulfils your functional and aesthetic needs.

Roger Pradier

Products: Touch panels, Capactive touch switches, Acutators, Lighting, Climate, Inputs, Access control, Sensors, Interfaces.

Roger Pradier, the brand with many years of expertise in outdoor lighting. Light fittings in all metals – from stainless steel to copper – and in all shapes. Sun, wind, rain, hail or snow, any type of weather is a natural inspiration for creating new concepts.



Modern and stylish designs are the magic words at TAL.  This brand provides unique, modern and contemporary lighting finished down to the smallest detail.

System integrator of Smarthome and Lighting